( Up-dated 2/15/2011 )

6 U-Haul Loads To Move Quercus Press!

Quercus Press has MOVED to MARYLAND!!!

Man Eaten By Letterpress! ! !

Ever since our daughter, Ember, was born 7 years ago we discussed moving back closer to our parents in Maryland, and that time has come to pass. It is hard to leave a life that you have spent fifteen years plus putting together, and it has been remarkable and depressing to the spirits that it takes so long to re-assemble in a new location. At least I finally have this computer set up. I worry that this computer is now ten years old and this is what the website is updated with. How much of our lives are on this old computer? I did back it up on a hard drive, but the hard drive I used to back up my mac now refuses to start! Disaster! There is much to upload here: the tale of Chris being launched into the new press, the chronicle of dismantling and moving the linotype in a snowstorm - lots of pictures, too! But not today. This is a marathon. let us see if I can upload at least this.


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